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Tips from the Reclusiam #2: Black Crusading with the Black Legion!

On this weeks Tips from the Reclusiam, Cody takes the axe to Paul’s Black Legion Crusade list. Cody is having to operate within the confines of a Crusade list setup, so that should make things interesting! First up, let’s see Paul’s initial list. ++ Battalion Detachment 0CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) [50 PL, 2CP,…

Tips from the Reclusium #1: Tallarn Teardown!

Our Clubhouse has a great deal of different people playing in it’s confines. The more Competitive, following what is hot, not playing what is not, and generally playing the ‘game’ not the narrative. On the other end we have the Narrative gamers, those usually playing Crusade or simply Matched but using ‘fluffy’ lists. Both are…