And we are Live! Badly Painted Minis, a terrible choice for an alternative gaming site!

Welcome! We suck!

Welcome to Badly Painted Minis! We are a young site, but our home in the Hanover area of Ontario, Canada knows us well enough, to which we offer our condolences. We hope to offer a new take on Tabletop War-gaming, and a more (less) competitive, more (less) serious one at that.

Couple of things you should know: we suck at painting. A lot. Truly, we are the worst practitioners of our craft. Paintbrushes recoil at our presence. We also live in opposite day, like many other Canadians. For the benefit of you Yanks, Brits, Aussies, Germans etc, let me explain. When you read bad, we mean good, and the opposite is also true. Practice this with me now: We have some terrible painters in the Gallery. Do you get it? Bad!

These are actually pretty good! Remember boys and girls, opposite day!

Okay, okay, joking aside, we hope to offer you something a little different. You won’t see constant news updates here, and you will only rarely see a post regarding competition play. We don’t hate it (a lot of us are regular tournament goers), but other sites do that better. Let me get the Menu, and I’ll let you know what’s on order.

  • This Website: Here you will find Editorials, Tutorials, Fanfiction, and much more, including a Gallery of some truly terrible miniatures. We apologize for the permanent damage to your eyes now.
  • Battle Reports: While we have none yet, you will see eventually a rotation of video battle reports for Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40k, sprinkled with a little bit of that alternative gaming spice every so often. We are still honing our craft, and I hope you will criticize and help us become even more terrible.
  • A Podcast: Our podcast, hosted by Podbean and available as a link on our website for ease of access, has rambling conversations by nerds, for nerds. We have quite a few up already! Have a listen, and let us know what you think. Like how much we suck, and have a voice good enough for silent films.
Not even Genestealer Cults want to eat us!

As we are fairly new, there will be some teething pains. More content will arrive as we make it, but if you are from the future, this was written during the COVID-19 Pandemic. So all us nerds are locked at home, or allowed small gatherings at best. So bear with us as we grow over the next few months. A new edition of Warhammer 40k is on the horizon, and we hope to ride that wave until, like the terrible surfers we are, we get pulled off our boards by those bigger, better nerds. So please, be gentle. Or harsh. We can take it.

Sincerity mode activated: If you’ve made it this far, thank you, really. Everyone else just comes for the pictures. But really, give us some time, and hopefully we can impress you, and offer you a fresh, Keady farmers market worth of lovely content. We hope you enjoy your stay!

Author: tehlulzpare

"Astra Miliwhat? Your in the Guard, son!" I am the owner of the the blog and I am the "Editor" of the Badly Painted Minis website, a lofty title that I will absolutely let go to my head. I play Imperial Guard in 40k, and play almost any game that piques my interest that I run into, and proceed to paint them poorly and play badly. Enjoy!

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