Converting Black Ark Corsairs Cloaks: For Space Marines!

In this tutorial I will be showing you how to fit the cloaks from Games Workshop’s Black Ark Corsairs kit onto their Space Marine kits. This is a great use if you collect Alpha Legion as I do, or Salamanders… or any custom chapters that have a dragon feel to them.

These are the two kits I used for this conversion.

Dark Elf Black Ark Corsairs
Space Marine Primaris Infiltrators

Step 1

Using your clippers, trim the collar from the cloak.

Step 2

Again using your clippers, cut out as much of the part that would normally connect the cloak to the Black Ark’s back.

Step 3

Take your clippers and make 2 cuts from the top where you clipped off the collar, roughly the width of the mounting point for the marines power pack. You can leave this a little thin if worried you’re cutting to much, it’s easy to trim with a knife later on. After you make the cuts, simply grip and bend the piece down until it pops off.

Step 4

Take your knife and slowly start to trim the extra plastic away that your clippers couldn’t reach from Step 2.

Step 5

This is where you need to have your Marine built up to the point where his torso and legs are together with no arms or power plant in place yet because they will get in your way.

Step 6

Start to shape the newly formed collar you made in Step 3. shape the hole for the power pack to fit around the power pack connection point on the back, and at the same time use your knife to shape the, let’s call them “arms”, of the collar to fit flush along the Marine’s back.

Step 7

Continue trimming away at the collar and “arms” until the cloak sits flush on the Marine’s back. Use your knife to slowly trim a small amount of plastic at a time and checking it on the Space Marine very often. You’ll notice that you might even have to trim some of the bulk from under the collar to get it to rest nicely on the Marine’s back. Just keep trimming until you think its sitting nice and flat.

Step 8

Once you have the cloak sitting nicely on the Marine, grab his power pack and try to put it in place. You’ll notice it won’t sit flush onto its mount on the Marine’s back. That’s because there’s a little bit on the cloak that needs to be trimmed around the collar, but it only needs a little bit shaved off on roughly a 45 degree angle. So in the image below trim a little at 45 along the red line until the power pack sits on its mount flush.

Step 9

Once you have everything trimmed enough so the cloak is sitting nice and flush to the Marine’s back and the power pack is sitting flush to its mount, use some plastic glue around the collar of the cloak and glue it to your model… or if you do sub assemblies wait till later…

Hope you guys liked this tutorial, and leave a comment if it helped you. (Editors note: We’d also love to see your completed models!) Have fun!

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