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Hi, my name is


and I am an

Ultramarine fanboy.

There, I have said it. I love the boys in blue ceramite. I love painting them. I love how much love they get from Games Workshop. I love that they are damn good at their job and win a fair bit. I love Primarch Roboute Guilliman. Know No Fear is my favorite Dan Abnett book of all time. Everyone at the Clubhouse as had to hear me sing its praises.


Oh boy, is that a load to get off your chest. They say the first step to recovery is admitting a problem.

Now, all that being said, back in December I was finishing an Ultramarine army and was looking for something new. I thought maybe Harlequins but I felt the checkered look might be beyond me. I had already sold my Necrons, I have a huge Guard army and Orks just never appealed to me.

Then I came across this picture online.

No photo description available.
I will fully admit I lost the info on who actually created this. If it is you PLEASE contact me so I can give you your due!

I was hooked! It was my beloved Space Marines but with a decidedly retro flare. I contacted the modeller and asked if they had created the collar and bubble helmet. They pointed me to Bombshell Miniatures ( I want to point out that Bombshell is in no way affiliated with or sponsoring this, but they do have some cool stuff, including these:

36021 - Helmet Set R10
Totally stolen from Bombshell Miniatures website.

In March 2020, I purchased 8 packs of these items…..two days before the Covid-19 restrictions kicked in. Writing this in June, I just received notification today that they had FINALLY passed through customs and landed on Canadian soil.

With those on the way, I had an idea forming in my head and no pandemic was going to slow me down. I would break from my Ultramarine obsession and create a custom Chapter. Cue triumphant choirs of angels. Now the only problem was deciding on a name, colour scheme, Chapter history, and combat style. EASY!

Back I went to the Internet and the inspiration that it holds. First, I thought maybe some sort of old SciFi classic like Forbidden Planet.


It was one of my first SciFi films. I remember my teacher in grade school would, on rainy days, put on old classics for us to watch. I loved the ray guns and how much “real” tech they put into the jargon. The problem was that they really didn’t use armor in this movie but I still liked the feel of it. Retro feel would be my general idea. A Chapter that used old tech because it still could. One that maybe had some very different tech.

I needed a Robby the Robot. Again Bombshell Miniatures to the rescue.

No photo description available.

This certainly had the retro look I was going for plus, being an STL file, I could size it any way I wanted. Here were my Chapter’s Dreadnaughts. Our Clubhouse has an Anycubic Photon 3D printer that we purchased as a team to do just this sort of work. Here was my first ever use of the printer.

No photo description available.

He was just the right size for a Dreadnaught and the feeling from him was certainly 50-60’s retro enough. Then out of the blue it hit me. What was the big space event of the 60’s?

Apollo program - Wikipedia
From the NASA website itself.


Now I was really getting somewhere. I could see the Chapter history now. Assigned by the High Lords of Terra after the betrayal of the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus, a small chapter was tasked with guarding the relics of an forgotten early space agency of Holy Terra.

A name was needed for this new Chapter. I put it out to our Clubhouse. My good friend tehlulzpare was the one to tie it all together. The Sons of Apollo.

Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor
Still from NASA

Could I actually paint something not Ultramarine Blue? The base colour would be white. A scary colour to hide mistakes with. Reds and blues in small accents and likely gold as well.

I really like the NASA patch for the Apollo Mission so I had to figure out how to paint it onto a shoulder pad. Or did I? Maybe the 3D printer could help me out here as well.

One of our Clubhouse members and a long time friend of mine does animation for a living and has begun to dabble in 3D modelling. He is also one of the strongest painters in our little group. The insanely good Genestealer Cult in our Gallery is all done by him. He is currently working on a Stormcast army for Age of Sigmar with custom made 3D printed mounts for his riders. I can’t show them but they are stunning. I passed my ideas and the NASA logo and this is what he came up with in about an hour…..

I mean come on. Custom Chapter shoulder pads……We are so spoiled at the Clubhouse.

So now all I have to do is wait patiently for Canada Post to bring me my Bombshell order and I can start this project in earnest.

Well, maybe one more thing to print.

Image may contain: table, food and indoor
Gotta love NASA. This is the simplified version. I am scared to print the detailed!

If you are at all space interested I cannot stress how awesome the NASA website is ( It has tons of free stuff and amazing photos. This is a free STL file from them of the Curiosity Rover. You know, the one that is still up there running happily on Mars almost eight years after its mission was over. The Sons Of Apollo know and will guard this treasure of humanity.

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