Radio Free BPM: An Interview with Tabletop Minions!

Good afternoon everyone!

Have we got a treat for you!

On Sunday, I interviewed Uncle Atom from Tabletop Minions, a YouTube channel dedicated to the craft of tabletop games. We talked about how he got into the hobby, his love of skirmish gaming, and then dove into how we thought parts of the hobby might change given the global Covid-19 pandemic. We may even reveal the answer to the almighty Fez question…

This interview will be available as a Podcast, available by following the link on our homepage. It is about an hour long, in case you want to set yourself up with some paint water, a drink, and a miniature to absolutely wreck in typical Badly Painted Minis fashion. As this was done remotely, we hope the audio quality is bearable. Again, as with all our podcasts currently, I hope you guys are willing to stay the course; better quality will resume once our members can meet each other and other cool people in person.

As a side-note, this will be the first interview to air that we have done, besides our sit-down podcast with the Miniwargaming crew already available. Trevor (our podcast editor, and all around great guy) worked hard to make sure we can bring you this content. We hope to bring you more in the future, as we try to find people actually willing to talk to a bunch of miscreants from rural Ontario. This will hopefully not be the last!

Please let us know how we did; we are all learning our craft still, and only through constructive feedback will we learn how to better give you awesome people great content. Thanks again to Atom for granting us this interview; If you have never been to his channel I would highly recommend it. He is an absolute font of tabletop wisdom!

Have a listen, and have a wonderful day!

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