Indomitus, Your Way: Converting the Box to your Chapter!

Just because they are snap-fit, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative!

It’s been a few days since the release of Indomitus worldwide, and around the Clubhouse, we are mad at work making these sweet new models fit into our already existing collections.

Some of us went considerably further then others; personally, I went for simple, easy conversions. Some raided their bitz boxes for suitable parts, 3rd party and GW alike. Some even just gave them a variant paint scheme; at the end of the day, they now fit our own armies.

First off, let us start with Mykah. His army is the Ultramarines, but painted primarily black. This was an aesthetic decision, and one he carries through the entire force. Visually striking, and painted very well, this army looks great, and is a nice change from the usual blue and gold. Indomitus was therefore a natural fit for the army, and like the rest of us, he was very excited to crack on and get some models painted!

While he still has quite a bit of work ahead of him, his force is shaping up nicely, and looks great! Bolstering an already quite large Primaris army, these models will add a nice, close combat punch. And will look cool, and most importantly, different, while doing so!

Next up is myself. I’m a slow hobbyist at the best of times, but I also didn’t want to leave the models as is; some things needed to change. I’m a Black Templar player, fresh to the army. Whilst I have inherited quite a large army from former Templar players in the Clubhouse, adding Primaris was entirely up to me. Indomitus already has a significant ‘knight’ theme, and thus the force needed little to look up to snuff. What it needed, was chained weapons.

Whilst most of the models received little in the way of third party bitz, the chains helped bring these models into the Templar aesthetic quite easily, if not a little bit fiddly. While I wait for either a good can of black rattle-can primer, or for someone to airbrush the lot for me, I have continued to work on the Chaplain….

Elsewhere, Kage made progress on his Minotaurs Chapter. Using primarily 3rd party bits, both 3D printed and resin, he has made a very visually distinct group of Marines. Theme is important here; unlike some of the other Chapters featured, the Minotaurs benefit more heavily from a good conversion job. Out came the bull-icon shields and hoplite swords…

These are excellent looking miniatures; the slightly Roman/Knightly look adapts well to a Greek one, and they look particularly sharp with the bronze and red paint scheme. While not finished, Indomitus is looking to making a fine addition to Kage’s collection. His collection is painted for the most part, and thus will probably feature heavily going forward in Crusade battle-reports.

Then we have Cody. Cody is a master of the conversion and kitbashing art, both in the actual practice, and in finding parts to suit his vision. Never satisfied with staying still when it comes to keeping his skills sharp, he tends to constantly push himself, and it shows in his Indomitus Dark Angels. They could have been left almost entirely alone, but instead, have been heavily converted. His use of 3D printing as well as 3rd party parts has been recently been supplemented with green-stuff, a skill he has drastically improved on in a short period of time.

These Sons of the 1st Legion look, frankly, fantastic. He is awaiting delivery of suitable shields, not content to use the Deathwing Knight bits when an even better alternative is on offer. At the end of the day, Cody wants his models to be utterly unique. Nothing else will do! As befits a son of Caliban (quite admirable, for a traitor!)

Of course, Paul’s Sons of Apollo is easily the most unique converted Chapter among our ranks, and it is of note, the only custom one among our collection. Their bubble-helmets allow for both the use of un-helmeted heads and yet remain logical in low to no atmosphere environments, a fantastic idea. Of course, Indomitus was both a natural fit to continue the collection, and yet, an even more difficult task to convert! He had probably the most work ahead of us in cutting away parts of the model to suit the task…

And, as a reminder of what a mostly completed model looks like, just for frame of reference…

Paul has certainly put a lot of work into these Marines! Having to cut away the Primaris collar on their Mark 10 armor makes for difficult cuts. Working with pewter custom bits has its advantages, however, as it bends quite easily and to shape. Working on these takes a fine hand, and once the bubble dome helmet is placed, even greater care, to not mess up a great deal of work! But as far as uniqueness goes, the Sons of Apollo certainly aim to impress! His background lore for his army is quite cool, but the obvious NASA and Space Race influences are even more awesome when represented on the physical model.

As you can see, we have all taken drastically different approaches to what are exactly the same models. Snap -fit wouldn’t be our first choice. But it doesn’t mean you can’t convert at all, it is just much more difficult. I would personally still prefer multiple part kits for the process, and I agree with the majority here, we should have more options in kits, not less!

But as Indomitus has proven, at least on our local level, that kit-bashing is alive and flourishing! The base models are very, very cool…but can also be a canvas that we can improve upon.

For now, that is all we have you good folks out there. I’ll check back on our kit-bashers in a week or two, and see how they are all coming along! But for now, Happy war-gaming wherever in the world you might be, and happy kitbashing!

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