A Whole Lotta’ Crusadin’ Going On! Badly Painted Minis Weekly Update #1

The brave men of the 78th charge the foul Xenos! Crusade has really taken grip here; My Company Commander has a reputation for killing things he shouldn’t be able to in close combat, and the zeal influenced by tactics here!

It has been a week since Indomitus and 9th Edition have released, and the Crusade System has taken over the clubhouse. Very few, if any, games of Matched Play have been played at all, and this includes our more competitive players. Narrative is the name of the day, and we have played a monumental of Crusade games. Not a lot of players were present, but the sheer amount of games we got in among that small roster were absolutely insane.

As always, since we are in an area with low Covid-19 exposure risk, we can gather, albeit carefully. We took this chance to take our Crusade Forces(many of us have several!) on several Combat Patrol and Incursion sized games.

Necrons advance on the waiting Imperial Fist line! A note here; this was actually the only game of 9th played that weekend that wasn’t crusade! However, it was still played using an 8th edition Narrative Scenario. Three players on a full table slugged it out, in all out war!
A Guard vs Guard “Exercise”, my forces, the Vostroyans, were a fairly veteran Crusade by this point. On the other hand, Lucas had brought a new Crusade; A custom Artillery Regiment. This however was a bad match up; On a smaller table, my numbers of Infantry counted for more then sheer firepower, and my board control won me the game.
The Salamanders put in a good showing against the Necron Menace. Tyler, who these great Salamanders belong to, could rightly say that 9th is his “first edition”.
Mykahs Ork Waaagh face the 78th across a narrow and thin front; this is the failing of the smaller tables; We simply couldn’t fit very easily in the deployment zone with our Horde Armies. But, a fun game was still had. Victory went to the Orks, whose savage ferocity finally overwhelmed my thin bottlenecks choked with Imperial grit (and bodies!)

The games were fun, and often, quite close! However, I only won once this last weekend myself. The great thing about Crusade is how little that matters; All that really does is making sure you get games in, win or lose. A veteran Crusade is better, simply, then a new one. The Command point buff that the weaker force gets is very useful or not at all, depending on a persons chosen Codex or army build. That being said, for Command Point heavy armies, this is a solid advantage that they can use to close the ‘power gap’.

For the most part, everyone seems to be fairly happy with Crusade. There is some concern about complexity, but given that this is just one way to play a game, not the only way, it is a problem that a person can avoid if they simply want a classic ‘pick up game’.

The cool part of the complexity is that it leads to interesting narrative moments. In my personal case, my Company Commander has now gotten a reputation for good ole’ fisticuffs’ and has killed a Chaos Lord, a Skorpekh Lord, and has charged a great deal more big scary things. He’s not always successful, but by the Emperor do I take every chance I get! Mykah as well is taking the ‘Orky’ thing to do in a situation into account. The reason we can do this and not be penalized heavily for it is the Crusade system allows for Characters to level along a path you choose, and in my case, I have taken melee upgrades for my Company Commander. As well, while a Mission may have one objective to accomplish, your Agendas may add more…and there is nothing stopping you from playing the Agenda if it is a better option, and with ‘Kingslayer’, there is a valuable chance for that death or glory charge with a character being worth it!

My “stand in” Wyrdvane Psykers, look over the Alpha Legion assault on my lines. A brutal game, but one that gained me valuable experience, despite my losses.
Sneaky Harlequins prepare to dance into my lines. A small 25pl game was the perfect introduction to the Codex for Zach, he won with some serious damage done by his crazy clowns!

Overall, a great weekend for all involved, at least in the ‘Dark Future’ of the 42nd Millennium! Hopefully next weekend I can take pictures of more then just the games I partake in myself, so that we get a broader view of whats going on in the Clubhouse!

I’ll be back next week, with more of what we played that weekend! So stay tuned for more content. This has been Andrew for Badly Painted Minis, and Happy War-Gaming, wherever you are!

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